It can seem overwhelming when you first get into the sport of triathlon. 

Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions:

What gear do I need?


*Swimsuit or tri suit (using a tri suit means you don’t have to change clothes during the race)
*Swim cap (provided by the race but you’ll need to bring your own for a pool swim)
*Wetsuit (for open water swims when the temperature allows; helps keep warm & buoyant)


*ID & USAT number (required to check in at the race)
*Registration confirmation
*Directions to the race
*Race numbers & timing chip (picked up during packet pick up)
*Course maps
*Body Glide (helps reduce chafing & makes easier to take off wetsuit)
*Towel (a brightly colored one may be helpful in finding your bike in the transition area)
*Chip strap (many races provide one)
*Clothes & shoes to change into after the race


*Bike (any type will do but road and tri bikes are more faster for longer distance races)
*Helmet (required for all races; be sure to put it on & buckle it closed before leaving the transition)
*Bike shoes (if you have clipless pedals.  If you have regular pedals, running shoes will work)
*Sunglasses (helps keep bugs, eyes, & road debris out of your eyes)
*Water bottle(s) (be sure to practice drinking while you are riding)
*Nutrition (energy drinks, bars, and/or gels)
*Pump (pump your tires the morning of the race)
*Layers (i.e., arm warmers, leg warmers, jersey, jacket, etc. if it is going to be cool)
*Spare tubes (in case you get a flat)
*CO2 cartridges/frame pump (to inflate tire if you get a flat)
*Tools (to change the flat)
*Gloves (optional)
~Note: if you take your front wheel off to transport your bike to the race, be sure to bring your front wheel! 


*Run shoes
*Race number belt (to attach your race number to)
*Energy gels (if run leg distance requires nutrition)

How do I train for a triathlon?

It’s not as hard as it seems! 

Tri Fred has coached training programs, group workouts, indoor triathlons, and clinics with topics that cover everything you will need to know about training and racing in a fun & friendly environment.  You will also find that many of our meetings are focused on different training techniques & tools to help you get started or to improve your skills as a triathlete.  Check out our Coaches page for local coaches that can help you get started.